• PAVAN CARGO PVT LTD is a giant in the field of Hiring of Heavy Cranes and Erection of Equipment and needs no introduction.

  • The Company was founded more than 14 years ago and has made significant advancement in the Crane field and is a name to reckon.

  • PAVAN CARGO had earned great reputation as a Heavy Cranes Hirer & now the company is keenly interested in entering into Dredging field

  • PAVAN CARGO PVT LTD purchase Tugs and Supply Vessels for catering the Offshore sector


The company has executed dredging projects in the past and also presently executing a dredging work for Indian navy. The company intends to purchase one 4500M3 TRAILING SECTION HOPPER DREGER in the near future.. A dredge is a device for scraping or sucking the seabed, used for dredging. A dredger is a ship or boat equipped with a dredge. The company has set a target for the year 2012 to achieve 100 Million worth of Marine assets. The company is mainly focusing on Asian countries to acquire more business. To operate in Indian waters across the East & West Coasts the Company is purchasing some more Tugs and Barges in near future.